Luiza Varovici | About me
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I was born in Romania, Tulcea and after travelling a lot in Europe I came to London in 2009 to fulfill my calling for art after I had a vision that this is the place where I will become fulfilled in art. Not to mention I found London to be the most ‘arty’ place in Europe!


I studied piano and fine art at the Art School in Romania, Tulcea for primary and secondary class with my art teacher Mr. Adrian Pal. I learned not only how to draw and paint with tempera, but  also many other techniques like stained glass, lino cut, clay modelling etc.

I then followed a career in math and computer science for which I got University degree for both, including a teacher degree. I since then worked as a programmer, both in webdesign and software programming and am specialized in Business Intelligence and reports.

As my heart turns to art always, I chose to pursue art in much of my spare time, in evening art classes or to practice on my lunch breaks and weekends or holidays away. I am also teaching art in my community centre and give private tuition in painting.


As I am mostly self-taught, a first step was to be able to reproduce reality in pencil on paper. My teacher was Gene Franks and his amazing books on pencil drawing.

The next step was to get my own style and for that I purchased Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ in 2012. While working on my diary that comes with this program, I started my quick sketches on the side of my pages, on the way to work. Then in 2015 I had my first solo exhibition with all this work. With this new confidence, I then started to combine sketches and watercolour and created my outdoor watercolours.

Also early 2013 I started co-organizing the Power Mandala workshop with crystal healer Romeo Leu, being as well Reiki healer since 2008 and I started creating my abstract mandalas, which have been evolving ever since.

I am happy to be in the World Watercolour Group and featured on in an article. Check it out!