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I co-created this workshop in 2013 together with crystal healer Romeo Leu. The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize people with crystals, meditation and leave them with a piece of art to hold the energy of the workshop and ease channeling angels when at home. Mandalas are drawn according to a numerology reading and purpose: align to life destiny, empower heart desire or personality, clear karmic lessons and many more..

This is my favourite art shop that I go to pick new materials.It is like a sweet shop for a sweet lover, so I do recommend this as an experience

This is a great website for every watercolourist, plenty of inspiration, challenges, and a good bust to keep everybody going!

I love it especially because it is, as I know, the only place where you can find all the watercolourists and resource in one place. For all the other websites you need to be a member or have a special degree etc. Check it out!