Luiza Varovici | Dacia-Romania
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This mandala was painted in Romania with the intention of communion of the Romanians, bringing forth the traditions and spirit of our ancestors, reconnect with the energy the Dacic people, enhance the unity of all the regions and help Romania be a great power again, recognized by its peers.

Romania has brought great personalities in our cultures, in both technology and literature. We are still renown for fields like mathematics, producing top coders in Sillicon Valley and top mathematicians in Cambridge, and that is just one example.

We produced great minds like Eminescu in poetry, Creanga in folk literature,¬† Traian Vuia who revolutionized the aviation and Henri Coanda who invented the reaction motor we use today, Spiru Haret and Grigore Moisil great minds in mathematics and many more…



September 15, 2017