Luiza Varovici | Services
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Custom artwork

I can design your projects with your preferred theme. We will meet and discuss the number of original artworks required, the size of the artwork, and the time frame for your project.

It can be a gift for a special friend and you have a theme in mind or it can be greeting cards or thank you notes for your special event, like your wedding!


Personal mandala

The personal mandala will come with a numerologic reading and will cost 160£. It will come in A4 size and will be framed. What I need from you is the name and the birth date of the person you wish me to draw the mandala for, and the intention: is it for love, for health, to achieve his/her destiny, to find more meaning in their lives etc…Based on the numerologic reading I will find a suitable number and with the help of my angels I will co-create his/her mandala!

I can draw on any other size on requirement, please specify in the contact.


What is a mandala?

It is a stylized/abstract flower representation.

It is an energy containter.

A mandala is used on display to enhance harmony with the universe and nature. Used in meditation, it keeps the focus on the question asked and stimulates the right side of the brain to give an answer.


Logo design

I can design a logo with or without hand drawn artwork. The service will cost 300£ and will include the business card design.